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Stage Consult applies the elements of musical theater; theater, voice and dance, to promote creativity and self-development through international workshops, seminars, lectures and specialized projects.
The focus is to create an awareness of the arts and its importance as a tool for communication with a global vision. Professionalism and high quality are pivotal points of exceptional education and are the aspiration of Stage Consult.
Through our international directory of renowned artists and educators we share theater expertise and cross borders with experience and know how. Instructing students, faculty and administrations result in sustainability within the host country; assisting them in the creation of their own musical theater industry.

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Stage Consult supports the exchange of artists, educators and students throughout the world. Sharing cultures, language and teaching methods improve performance quality and enable mobility for an artist’s future employment. The goal is to adapt the various methods of performing technique into a form that is specifically designed for the culture it addresses. The teaching language is English but projects are translated simultaneously into the countries mother tongue to allow clear communication.

Short facts….

  • Solo, group or institutional consulting
  • Artistic supporting faculty from international professionals and professors
  • Instruction Modules: 2 – 5 – 7 day Workshops – 3 week Intensive with Performance
  • Master classes and lecture demonstrations
  • Adaptable to all foreign languages
  • Global instruction
  • Clientele from amateurs to professionals

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Passion and enthusiasm are the fundamental sparks for learning. This spark is then injected with discipline, skills and knowledge of the art form. Inspire the artist – there will be creation. Inspire the teacher – there will be a deeper connection to the material and the students. Inspire the institution – there will be new energy and vision for the organization and its staff.

Short facts about….

  • Creates energy and focus
  • Self-transparency
  • Celebrates the individual as well as the group
  • Creates understanding through mutual enthusiasm
  • Encourages positive change and experimentation
  • Goal motivation

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EvolutionWe are not just teaching theater – we are teaching a sustainable way of life.


“Whether it is personal, artistic or corporate development this is the fundamental core for creative stimulation: Give them the facts, the tools, the basic principles. EDUCATE Let them share this with others, discuss, create and compare. EXCHANGE These exchanges enlighten and inspire the individual. EXCITE Which creates a new state of being. EVOLUTION “ — Kim Moke — 3 E’s = Evolution

Germany : Why is Musical going Global? Lecture: International Women’s Club World Conference
China : The History of Musical Theater Lecture: Chengdu Conservatory of Music and Sichuan Media University
USA and Germany : A New View – Shenandoah University and The Bayerische Theater Akademie a two week, student exchange program sponsored by the HypoVereins Bank Hamburg
Italy : Audition Techniques for the German Musical Theater Industry Seminar
China : Shanghai, Beijing Musical Theater Workshop with international faculty (5-Day)
China : Chengdu Summer Camp – a 3 week educational program with performance
China : Shanghai, Musical Theater Workshop with international faculty (7-Day)  

My clients:

  • You want to know about educational skills and working situations for artists in selected markets (Lecture or Consulting)
  • You want to found or establish a new institution in the field of musical theatre
  • Your musical theater school or teaching institution is not running or performing efficiently
  • Your institution needs new energetic input or an independent, external check-up of the existing curriculum and corporate identity
  • You are an institution or corporation and want to arrange a cultural event outside the range of your normal production
  • You want creative development exercises to enhance communication and creativity within your business

What i offer:

  • Student or teacher coaching and evaluations in the performing arts
  • Internal institutional observation of theater students, their goals and their curriculum
  • Establishment or expansion of an original interdisciplinary performing arts institution
  • Coaching management and employees for better communication through the arts
  • Creating international musical theater workshops and exchanges


AboutKim Moke - Stage Consult International / Founder Stage School Hamburg


The American Kim Moke has built a solid career in the performing arts and education throughout America and Europe. Her goals for establishing high quality standards in the arts has evolved through her experience as a performer, choreographer, teacher, director, arts administrator, artistic director and businesswoman.
After a higher education in dance, theater, painting and design at University of Kansas and Arizona State University Kim moved to Chicago. She choreographed and taught movement for the renowned St. Nicholas Theater – artistic brainchild of David Mamet and William H. Macy. Only a few years later she was performing and teaching at Radio City Music Hall and Broadway Dance Center in NYC.
Though her engagement in the ISPO – the International Sportswear Convention in Munich – she found her way to Europe and her commitment to teaching as a career. She founded the Stage School Hamburg, a nationally known institution, where she spent 25 years training and developing young artists.
Through her representation and engagement for advanced education of young artists, Kim has had television interviews with RTL, ZDF, RTL, Sat 1, and taught on the international talent series Fame Academy. Over the years she has been quoted in numerous European publications regarding the development of musical theater in Germany. She created the Billstedt Project which benefited talented youth in an “at risk” community and the teenager Young Talent Program based on team-teaching in the arts.
The Hamburg Ministry of Culture honored her by asking her to participate on a cultural exchange with St. Petersburg, Russia. Kim is presently International Vice President and a long-term member of MTEA – Musical Theater Educators Alliance – an international organization for education in musical theater and has dedicated the past 10 years to creating exchange programs in Russia, China, Korea and the USA.
She is currently the owner and Executive Director of Stage Consult International whose mission encompasses the worldwide promotion of quality musical theater through educational exchanges, artist and parental counseling and institutional arts development.





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