“Until you address your creative side, you won’t know your potential and what is possible.” KMSC

“After a successful performing career I changed course to own and direct a musical theater conservatory for 25 years. My initial experience was theater, but after managing 500 artists, faculty and employees I now have a clear vision of what is missing in many firms: Empathy, Collaboration, Communication, Teamwork, Innovation and Inspiration. And as we all know, it must begin with excellent Leadership.“

We must understand ourselves before we can lead others.

Soft Skills in Business are the new Black

All leaders must learn to balance life and work, inside and outside therefore we offer business theater seminars and individual CEO consultations that address these competencies: empathy, creativity, self-awareness, self-imposed limitations, fear management, risk-taking and collaboration.

Our specially designed Art & Business workshops incorporate doing, experimentation and courage to reinforce innovative communication and personal growth. Leaders are prodded out of their safe space and become involved and engaged with themselves and their colleagues. We cross the border of self and learn to recognize the social aspect of what we do and how it can help the company.

Unlike other seminars, we “do it” first and discuss afterwards. All seminars include various elements of artistic experimentation to physicalize the learning process. We “save” our new knowledge through physical activity.
Learning by doing.

Outcomes of our seminars :

  • Authentic Executive Presence and Presentation
  • Honest Listening
  • Team Building
  • Energized Collaboration
  • Decentralized Knowledge Sharing
  • Messages that Connect
Group Leadership Seminars:

Module One
The Audition: A Journey from Me to We Leadership learning that includes individual risk taking, setbacks, deadlines, integration of the team and performance.
Integration and Presentation

Module Two
Speaking: The Outside View A feedback seminar for successful self-marketing. How do others see us? Professional and authentic self-presentation through the eyes of an artist.
Authentic Self Discovery

Module Three
Feeling: Permeability & Empathy Back to the senses to remember what we neglect in our relationships and ways to improve concentration and communication.
Sense Awareness to Interaction and Collaboration

Module Four
Connecting: Diversity and Inclusion Employee bonding – lower fluctuation and increase achievement though the simple act of honest listening and concentration.
Honest Listening for Clear Communication

Individual Executive Coaching:

What role are you playing now? – This is the one-on-one method to authentic presentation and storytelling. “What you say and how you say it” begins with self-observation, learning new techniques, adjustments to the current state and practice.

The coaching addresses the following techniques.

  • What color is your voice?
  • Own your body
  • The non-verbal adjective
  • Letting the eyes talk
  • Projecting energy and authenticity